“Charisma” lyrics

Lead Lyrics:

Everything that was placed in you before starting your time radiates and shines

It’s like, little pieces of light letting others know darkness they live in exists

It’s like, thirst quenching droplets of love, empathy, compassion we need to see

They can even feel it before you walk into the room…and when you do, they are

Blown away

And don’t even know what to say

They are blown away, shakin’ their hands throwin’ up their hands and…

You might not always know it, it’s your nature to show it, to put it down, to get around help others ground that need to hear their spirit sound and be found by your beauty or

Bask in the heat of your physical touch or

Sleep to the vibrations in your voice

Whatever you bring, trust me, they are…

Blown away

And don’t even know what to say

They are blown away, shakin’ their hands throwin’ up their hands and…

They are:

Blown away by your love

Blown away by your touch

Blown away by your scent

Blown away by your style (smile)

Blown away by your look

Blown away by your mind

Blown away by your grace

and your smile

and your face


This song was written with overall consideration for my mother and her siblings.  It is most unfortunate that they were all gifted with the characteristics stated throughout the song, but poverty and low self-esteem kept them from exploring them to the fullest extent.  My grandmother, over-run by her own sorrows, had no idea how to nurture these gifts, since she, too, was raised in poverty with very low expectations for success in the arts.  Granted, there are many who have overcome such obstacles and made something of themselves.  But, from the perspective of an African-American child living in abject poverty in mid 1900, the greater of them don’t.  It is my hope that those who have young people in their lives will be inspired to give their children the gift of the words in this song.



~ by innarae on February 14, 2008.

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