Sex In The Dark Lyrics

I know I’m wrong…but..Lord I’m so tired of this man I done married but…I think I’m gonna do somethin’ but,..forgive me, but, but, but


Last night I was in a fight with my honey

Makin’ rounds at the club, he spent up all of our money

And even though I’m his lawfully wedded baby

Tonight, I wanna feel how much another brother wants me


And it’s makin’ me say

Mmmmmmm (hear that moan)

Heeeey (she be callin’ for her daddy)

Take me……..(midnight at the age of 3)

Home………(but he f’ckin’ another lady)


Reach out to me, Cuz now we here

Grab hold of all you see

Have no fear….



If you think I’m here because your game is tight, I’m not

(I say about your game, I think it’s kinda lame)


Check your ego at the door, I’m here to sweeten the pain in my pot

(whatchoo know about my pain, know about my pain)


It sounds kinda sad, but right now you all the hope I got

(you all the hope I got, that ain’t sayin’ a lot)…So…


You got one night to be my man, so show me what you got

(show me what you got)

End Spoken


That’s gonna make me say…

Ooooohhhh (freak me)

cuuuuz I’m feelin’ (kinda kinky)

Maaaaake (put that body rock on me)

Me me me  me me cum please


It’s so dark and we makin’ sounds….moanin’and groanin’cuz we….getting’ down….and I ain’t


Thinkin’ bout God – the one who created me, engineered this circumstance, so you have your way with me (His holiness escapes me)

Ain’t thinkin’ bout Jesus – Don’t say to me, greater love hath no man than the one who chose to lay down his life for me (I’m hopin’ His grace covers me)

Brother this ain’t about you – neither me or you, can fathom the woman in me, boo (I don’t care if you respect me)

No, it ain’t about you hate my hair bruise my skin, cripple me from within, like hiiiimmm!!(it’s about that White Man who raped me)


Feelin’ the pleasure down in my bones/Violated my body – MR. STRONG MAN

Tryin’ to recover all on my own/Knocked my spirit out of synch with me

Puttin’ it together with every groan/ Spend the rest of my life tryin’ to be complete

Like right now


Sex in the dark ain’t like sex in the park, it ain’t like sex on the beach, it ain’t like sex on the sneak, it’s alright …ah na na, ah na na, ah na na, ah na na, oo ee…repeat…..


Woe, Woe, Woe….



It’s not Rena’s, neither mine…nor any other woman’s best moment in life – when we don’t fully recognize that the expression of our sexuality is locked behind past instances/traumatic memories that produced inner pain, low self-esteem, shame and confusion.  And that when we have the opportunity to experience intimacy with another, it simultaneously (sometimes selfishly) becomes an opportunity to  seek healing for the self. 

While having “Sex In The Dark” , some partners may not be aware of what might be going on in the mind, heart, and womb of a woman violated and scorned at an early age.  The overlapping voices in this song attempts to bring them to light.  These lyrics are designed for conversation…to the end that the listener might experience healing and more open, honest, and rewarding erotic and sexual exchanges with others.







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